Hi there!

I am Lisa Harriet Karrat!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Master Energy Healer for over 13 years, and sole proprietor of Just Be. Therapeutic Massage,  Life has guided me in a new direction! 

My passion and purpose has always been in service of others, as they enhance their quality of life and enjoy their journey more fully. My professional journey started in Human Services, and then Massage Therapy, and has now lead me into new way of being of service in the world! 

I have combined my natural skills, acquired knowledge and wisdom into a new genre of work as a Master Energy Healer, Life Alignment & Attraction Coach, and Intuitive Divine Guide. 

I work with heart-centered souls as they Ignite their Intuition, Value their Vibration, Play in Possibility and LIVE their Vision! 


This work involves Healing of your Past, Easing of your Mind, Attracting your Desires, and Becoming an elevated version of yourself! 

I offer Remote Reiki Healing,  Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, Digital Trainings, Aromatherapy, Meditations, and Sacred Transformation Journeys. 


For more information on how I can best serve you in enhancing your Life Experience, You are welcome to contact me directly at Love@LisaHarriet.com 

I invite you to explore my energy & Empowering Community as well as my full website of offerings at www.LisaHarriet.com .

 I wish you abundant blessings of Wellness, Love & Joy on your journey and I look forward to connecting with you in new ways soon! 

with Love, Light, and Happy Dances,

Lisa Harriet Karrat

Master Reiki & Integrative Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Life Alignment & Attraction Coach

for Heart-Centered Soulful Visionaries. 



774.242.6045    |  love@lisaharriet.com   |   www.lisaharrriet.com

Venice, FL 34293